Do I Need To Create An Account To Buy Or Download Free Software?

No, although its a good idea and only takes a second or two. Creating an account on PShopMagic requires only an email address and a password. Having an account generates an account page for you, with access to product downloads and receipts following purchase or request to download a free product. Although you’ll always receive an email with download links with our without an account.

What do I need to use your software?

All our software requires Adobe Photoshop. Make sure that you own the minimum version of Adobe Photoshop required for the product you’re purchasing. Each product is clearly labeled with its required version although we try to make most everything compatible beginning with Photoshop CS2.

Can I use Photoshop Elements with your software?

Unfortunately no. Photoshop Elements is basically a watered down version of Photoshop intended for hobby use and cannot run most of the complex actions and scripts we develop. Update: Once I have the site populated with a greater array of free and premium software downloads, I will begin testing everything on the latest version of Photoshop Elements so stay tuned!

What if my copy of Photoshop is in a language other than English?

Since we can’t test our products on versions of Photoshop in all available languages, we can’t guarantee they’ll run correctly in non-English copies of Photoshop. However, its easy to convert a non-English copy of Photoshop to English and then back again to its original language if needed. Simple instructions can be found here.

I have both a PC and Mac. Does your software work on both?

Yes. All our software is either cross-platform compatible or contains both a Windows and Macintosh version with the download.

Is there training available?

Software currently available and all future products on this site include videos on their product page that explain their functions and how their used. We also include a PDF User Guide with each product that illustrates everything in detail.

Do you offer technical support?

Absolutely! If you’re having trouble with something not covered within our videos and user guides, see our Contact Page and drop us an email. We return all email questions within 24 hours or during business hours, Monday – Friday, New York time.

Is your site secure and how do I pay?

We use PayPal to process all transactions although a PayPal account is not required to make payment. Any major credit or debit card is also accepted through our PayPal gateway. Once entering your name, address, email, etc on our checkout page, click the Place Order button. This takes you to a secure PayPal page to complete the transaction. We never see or have access to your credit information as its all processed through the PayPal site. You’ll see the company name Extreme Sportswear at the top of the PayPal page. Extreme Sportswear is the name of our company.

How do I get my software just purchased?

Once completing and paying for your order, you’ll receive unique download links via email and also on the site. These links expire in 48 hours and there’s a limit on how many times a download may be attempted within this time frame. Make sure to download your software as soon as possible following purchase. If an email is not received with your order information, check the SPAM or Junk Mail folder for it.

Can I get a DVD in addition to the download?

Unfortunately no. We don’t ship DVD’s under any circumstances. Quite honestly, the industry is moving away from software delivery via DVD. In fact, many new desktop systems such as new iMacs don’t include a DVD drive. We highly recommend making a backup copy of your downloaded software to an external drive or DVD for safe keeping in the event of system failure.

Are trial versions available?

Unfortunately no. Since most of our software are Actions and JavaScript’s, its impossible to offer trial versions. And with our Vintage Filters Set, what you’re essentially paying for are the 125 professional high-resolution filter images. Additionally, since all our products are low cost and easily understood, just watching the video on each is essentially like a trial.

I just downloaded my software and its a Zip file. How do I unzip it?

A Zip file is a way to compress a file or collection of files for easy download. All computers come with the ability to extract zip files. There are also free unzipping programs available online if your system is very old and is not equipped to extract zip files. Its not our responsibility to unzip your files so please make certain you know how this is done using your system.

Can I return my purchase for a refund?

Software, unlike a physical product cannot be returned. Once downloaded, there’s no way to return it. So please make sure prior to purchasing that your version of Photoshop meets the required minimum needed to run the software. Also take a look at the videos and other documentation to be sure the software is right for you.