Retouch Faces And Skin Using Photoshop


Just a week or so earlier, I released an action named Man-A-Kin that provides a method to repair skin using Photoshop. Man-A-Kin also brings skin repair to its limits by providing an unreal type of effect if needed.

Man-A-Kin is a great Photoshop Action for what it does, although I felt the need to offer yet another action that provides a more natural and balanced skin retouching effect. So after investing several days of development, I’ve now released Skin Repair Pro!

Skin Repair Pro is unlike our Man-A-Kin Action as it generates more natural looking skin retouching effects. The retouching is engineered whereas the audience viewing the modified image probably wont notice the skin has been enhanced if not also shown the original.

Skin Repair Pro generates a single modified layer above the original. This layer includes a layer mask so once the process is complete, just change the foreground color in Photoshop to black, select the brush tool, adjust the brush to size and paint within the layer mask to remove the skin enhancing effect from unwanted areas. Normally these are the hair, eyes, eyebrows, mouth and non facial areas of the image. The modified layer that includes the skin repair can also be adjusted for opacity to lessen or intensify the retouching.

Skin Repair Pro automatically works on a duplicate of the original image so there’s no reason to worry about losing or damaging your file. Since this is a very simple process, there’s little need to include a user guide so its suggested to watch the video to get an idea of what to expect from Skin Repair Pro.

Skin Repair Pro is about as close as you’ll get to a one-click solution to skin retouching along with being extremely easy to use. Just about anyone needing to enhance skin to increase the quality of a photographic image should find the action quite helpful.

Keep checking back with us for new Photoshop Actions, images, plugins and other helpful products with most being free. At the very least, we’ll add several new and original downloads monthly.